Sunday, April 14, 2013

I think about stuff

Song of the day: Hey there Cthulu by Eben Brooks

Imagine singing this at the top of your lungs as you are re-arranging the bananas and a customer comes into the shop. She left in a hurry, for some reason.

Still, it's not like you have any other choice between singing (they don't allow iPods/mp3s) and the radio. And when you start hearing the same song four times every hour on the same station, you either turn it off or slowly go insane. You clever radio people may think no-one listens to your station long enough to notice, but we do.

That said, I like my job. Not that many people come in, so it gives plenty of time for studying thinking of deep philosophical questions, like 'did Ted Knight and Jim J. Bullock had anything to talk about on the set of Too Close for Comfort?'

Okay, not my idea, but a still very good question.

What am I saying, I haven't even seen that show.

Another would be 'how the hell is a wedding between my atheist self and my Catholic friend ever going to work in thirty years' time when we (or at least me) inevitably turn out as crazy cat lady spinsters? We would never be able to agree on the decorations!'

Or I'll just constantly draw the sign of the Deathly Hallows because it's not like I can draw anything else.

 It never looks half as cool as this, though.

Then there is the strange moment when a photo in your local newspaper looks like comedian Lee Mack. Maybe he has an evil (good?) twin living a low-key life in Iceland. Or he has dopplegangers in every country on stand by to protect his secret identity as Comedian Man.

I also think I'll jump on the 'what the hell weather, it's spring and we're getting really tired of your shit' train. I mean, for the last weeks, there has literally been one day snow, the other windy, then sunny, then the whole cycle repeats. I guess I'll just blame global warming. Or blame us for global warming, therefore blame us in extension for the weather.

Now, it's time for sweet potato fries (oh gods so delicious), and finally getting my mum to watch The Hobbit with me so I can share my nerd-love for it. More on that later.

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