Friday, April 12, 2013

Banananas and CampNaNo

So in philosophy class a couple of days ago I hear a friend of mine say the word 'banana,' only I hear it as 'banananas.' And that got me thinking, what would a banananas look like, that is the mix of a banana and an ananas (I refuse to call it pineapple since you English speakers are the only ones that refer to it like that and amazingly enough, it's neither a pine or an apple.) Would it be like a banana shaped ananas or an ananas with banana skin on the outside? Eventually I decided on the former.

And then when I got home I got home I googled it.



Okay, so it's photoshopped, but still. I love this so much that I've got it as my desktop background.

I could make a cult around this thing. Honestly, the banananas will fulfill your life. Bow to it.

On another note I have reached the 20K in CampNaNoWriMo Click here for those of you who don't know the awesome. Which means that the famed 'almost half-way there' slump may be setting in any moment now. You know, the feeling you get when you're happily typing along and then suddenly think to yourself 'good golly, I should go re-read what I have just written, I'm sure it will be great!'

And then ten minutes later you are lying face down on the floor moaning 'I WANT TO DIIIIE' having just realized that first drafts always suck.

But you know, being allowed to suck on a first draft is important (why does that sentence sound so wrong?) If you just let your writing be awful for a while and just power through and finish the damn story, you can leave the part of making it awesome to the re-writes.

Not that I'm some kind of a writing guru or anything. I mean, this is only my second full length novel -_-"

Which I should actually be working on right now along with school work, and not be writing a blog post that won't ever be read by anyone. But at least it's a good getting rid of writer's block.

Which reminds me, I've got like a ton (okay, maybe a kilo) of bones in the bathroom cupboard that I need to put in acid.

Wow. That really does make me sound like a serial killer when out of context, doesn't it?

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